Cupid Costume

When it comes to Cupid costumes, there are a couple of things that come to mind. The first is love, and the second is Valentine’s Day. Cupid is often portrayed as the god of love, so it’s no wonder that his costume would be popular around this time of year.

If you’re looking for your own Cupid costume, or want to make one yourself, then read on! We’ll talk about the significance behind these costumes and where you can buy them. We’ll also provide some tips on how to create your own homemade cupid costume.

6 Cute Cupid Costumes For Male and Females

When it comes to Cupid costumes, there are many different options available. Typically people get their cupid costumes from Amazon. Whether you’re a male or female, there is going to be a cute costume you can buy so you’re all ready for that up-and-coming Valentine’s or Halloween event!

There are all different styles to choose from, but whatever one you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your new outfit!

1. Fun Mens Cupid Outfit

Looking for a simple way to dress up as Cupid? Check out this men’s version! It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have a good time while dressing up. The outfit includes a shirt, pants, cape, belt, bow & arrow, and of course, wings!

2. All Pink Cupid Costume

Despite this all-pink cupid costume going against tradition, this is still a great choice if you want to look great at your next Valentine’s event!

3. All Red Cupid Costume

If you’re looking for a more in-your-face and eye-catching take on the cupid outfit, then this all-red one may suit you much better. It comes with giant red wings, a cute headband (featuring love hearts), and of course, a bow, to really tie in everything together.

4. Womans Cupid Attire

This costume is a little more fun than the rest, as it comes with a short red and white skirt. The rest of the costume is pretty much the same as the others, but this one also includes a cute little headband that will make you stand out even more.

5. Gold Wing Cupid Costume

If you’re looking for a more luxurious and expensive take on the cupid outfit, then this gold winged version may be perfect for you. It comes with all the usual features, but with a touch of luxury and extravagance that might better suit you.

6. Plus Sized Cupid Costume

If you’re plus sized, then don’t worry! There are still plenty of great cupid costumes out there for you. This one in particular is a great choice as it comes with an attached skirt and some fun sequin detailing.

Baby Cupid Costume

Cupid costumes don’t just have to be for adults, babies can get in on the fun too! This baby cupid costume is sure to make your little one the cutest cherub at the party. If you’re planning on going to a dress-up event or you just want to dress your little one up this Valentine to snap some photos of him/her, then this costume will be perfect.

Want to create a cupid costume for your baby or child? Here’s some inspiration.

The costume includes a set of wings, a headband, and of course a bow and arrow to complete the look, so they can look like the real deal when they’re dressed up!

Cupid Costume for Couples

When it comes to cupid costumes, there’s really no better way to show your love for one another than by dressing up as the iconic symbol of love himself!

There are a few different ways that you can go about putting together a cupid costume. If you’re looking for something that’s ready-made and easy to wear, you can find plenty of options online or at your local costume store.

However, if you want to put a little bit more of a personal touch into your look, you can also make your own cupid outfit at home. All you need is a little bit of creativity, some basic sewing skills, and some supplies that you can find at any craft store.

One interesting way you could go about making a couple’s costume of this character is one of you could dress up as Cupid, and the other could be dressed as one of Cupid’s victims; this can be done by making it look like the victim has been hit by Cupids arrow in some way.

Cupid Costume: Monster High Version

Monster High is a popular line of dolls and other merchandise aimed at young girls. It’s produced by Mattel, and is based on the children of famous monsters. The dolls are all different, with unique features and personalities.

The Monster High line also includes a TV series, which has aired on Cartoon Network and Netflix. The series follows the lives of the students at Monster High, as they deal with typical teenage issues like friendship, dating, and rivalry.

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Cupid is one of the main characters in this series. She is an unknown kind of creature and was found on the doorsteps of the Cupid household as a baby.

The TV show’s depiction of Cupid has her working at a radio show where she uses the show to spread her love. Hence why you’ll never see her with the classic bow and arrow as she spreads her love through this medium instead.

Features of Monster High’s Cupid costume

The Monster High Cupid has been seen with many different customers throughout her time in the shows and as well as the many products which have been realised based on this popular franchise figure. Because of this, it can be quite hard to give directions on how or how not you should dress up as this popular figure.

With that being said, one thing stays consistent across all of her outfits; they follow a very dark and gothic theme, mixed in with bright and colorful accents like pink and orange.

This is pretty contrasting to the white and jolly side of the mythology Cupid. But this only helps to make your Monster High costume a lot more intriguing to those around you.

Cupid Costume DIY: How To Make Your Own Cupid Costume

If you’re wanting to make your own costume, then it’s not as difficult as you might think. All you really need is a pair of wings and a bow and arrow.

  1. Start by finding a pair of wings. You can either buy them or make them yourself. If you’re making them yourself, you can use cardboard or foam board.
  2. The next step is to make the bow and arrow. You can either buy these or make them yourself as well. If you’re making them yourself, you’ll need some wooden dowels, a hot glue gun, and some craft foam.
  3. Once you have the bow and arrow, all you need to do is put it all together! Put on the wings, grab your bow and arrow, and you’re ready to go!

Brief History Behind Cupid

The history behind cupid costumes is quite interesting. In Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus, the goddess of love. He was often portrayed as a small, chubby child with wings who would shoot arrows at people, causing them to fall in love. This is likely where the idea of wearing a cupid outfit came about.

The mythology and history behind Cupid

There are many different stories and legends about Cupid, but most likely he was derived from the ancient god Eros, who represented sexual desire and attraction. Cupid is often portrayed as a mischievous character who enjoys playing tricks on people, and his exploits are the subject of many romantic tales.

So why do people dress up as Cupid? Well, for one thing, he is seen as an iconic symbol of love and passion. He is also a fun, playful character who can add some light-heartedness to any costume party.

Nowadays, cupid costumes are most commonly seen around Valentine’s Day. This makes sense, as it is the holiday of love. Wearing a cupid costume on this day is a great way to get into the festive spirit!


If you’re looking for a fun and festive costume to wear this Valentine’s Day, why not try a Cupid costume? Cupid is the Roman god of love, and his iconic look is characterized by a pair of wings and a bow and arrow.

Monster High’s depiction of cupid is quite different from the traditional image, as she is often portrayed with dark gothic clothing and bright colors. But this only makes her costumes more unique and interesting.

If you don’t want anything pre-made and you want to create your own from scratch, then making your own cupid costume is easy, as all you need are some wings and a bow and arrow. You can either buy these items or make them yourself.

So if you’re looking for something different this Valentine’s Day or you want a tasteful outfit for your next dress-up event, consider dressing up as Cupid!