Mighty Squirrel

Mighty Squirrel is a small, independently-owned brewery located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. They started as just two guys with a passion for great beer, and they’ve been brewing up some of the best beer in the city ever since.

They aim to make craft beer that everyone can enjoy, and they take great pride in their unique and innovative brews. Whether you’re a fan of IPAs or stouts, there’s something for everyone at Mighty Squirrel.

The Story Behind the Mighty Squirrel Brewery

Mighty Squirrel was cofounded by brewers Henry Manice and Naveen Pawar. In 2015 they launched their first beers, many of which later became household names.

They now own a 30-barrel brewhouse and operate two taprooms. One of them offers 30 draft lines while the other taproom with 20 draft lines is reserved for private parties and events.

Manice and Pawar came up with the idea for Mighty Squirrel after kicking back and drinking a beer or two after exercising together. Mighty Squirrel stands for an active, outdoor lifestyle and for community. This also inspired their partnership with Central Rock Gym.

Craft Beers

The Mighty Squirrel Brewery is home to some of the most unique and delicious beers in the Boston area. Their core range consists of 25+ different beers across various styles, including their American Pale Ale $UMO, Flying Squirrel pilsner, and Hopfest citrussy session pale.

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If you’re wondering where the craft beers can be purchased, try the beer finder to locate stores and see a map of available locations where the beers are sold.

As mentioned, Mighty Squirrel has a wide variety of products to choose from, here we are going to list some of their best ones.


IPAs, or India Pale Ales, is a beers high in hops and malt. IPAs are known for their strong flavor and bitter aftertaste. They are also one of the most popular beers in the United States.

Mighty squirrel craft beer where to buy?
Where to buy Mighty Squirrel craft beers? Use their “beer finder” to find stores

1. Cloud Candy

Tropical aromas and notes of papaya, mango, and star fruit dominate this juicy IPACloud Candy is one of the most popular beers at the Mighty Squirrel Brewery. As they say, you will be able to “Taste the Cloud” with this ale!

2. Cosmic Distortion

This is their hoppiest IPA, featuring 6 pounds of Galaxy and Mosaic hops per barrel. It’s a juicy, hazy, dank double IPA with passion-fruit aroma, mango flavor, pineapple notes, starfruit tones, papaya sweetness, and tangerine bitterness.

3. Day Haze

The Day Haze IPA is brewed to celebrate those perfect days with friends you don’t want to end. This IPA is smooth and sessionable, with a bright flavor that bursts with aromas of stone fruit followed by hints of pineapple. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold one with friends.

4. King Bahubali

The Triple IPA is inspired by the mythical Indian warrior, King Bahubali. He was a down-to-earth superhero renowned for his strength, valor, kindness, honor, and sense of social justice. This beer is a 10.0% ABV tribute to his legacy.

5. Johnny Hammertime

Mighty Squirrel Brewery makes a triple New England IPA called Johnny Hammertime. This beer is filled with dank tropical flavors like passion fruit and mango, and it finishes smoothly. They named this beer after their very own Johnny Hammer, who’s responsible for our packaging and supply chain.


Lagers are a type of beer that is fermented at cool temperatures, typically around 48-50 degrees Fahrenheit. This cooler fermentation temperature results in a crisper, cleaner flavor profile than ales, which are fermented at warmer temperatures.

1. Lotería

A party is always better with beer and games. Inspired by the magic of the traditional Mexican bingo card game- Lotería, this Mexican-style lager is just as colorful and bright as the game itself. Lotería balances crisp and smooth with just a touch of sweetness, making it a bold and refreshing lager that’s perfect for any fiesta!

2. Kerzenlicht

Kerzenlicht is a German word meaning candlelight. Whether you’re enjoying it by the side of a candle, around a campfire, or on the beach, it’s the perfect companion. Kerzenlicht has a balanced smokiness with rich and toasty chestnut notes, culminating in a light and smooth finish.

3. Flip the Script

What if everything was flipped? The result would be a clean, crisp, delicious lager with a bear hug of juicy hops; just like this very Lager!

4. Munick

A Munick lager is a malt-forward beer that has a pleasant malt sweetness as well as restrained bitterness from floral Noble hops. This beer offers a sweetness that balances the spicy German hop flavor from the Perle hops. Munick is a refreshing beer with a substance that is clean and crisp.

Sour Beers

Sour beers are a type of beer that is fermented with lactobacillus, which is a bacteria that produces sour flavors. This type of fermentation results in a beer that is often more acidic and tart than other types of beer.

1. Nanaland

Brewed to celebrate the third birthday of co-founder Naveen’s daughter Neena, this beer is a tart and bright ale brewed with cranberries and mangoes, Neena’s favorite fruits. This beer is perfect for weekend afternoons when you want something refreshing and fun to drink.

2. Dragon Dance

According to Chinese tradition, if there is something to celebrate, the dragon will appear! This divine beast is said to bring good fortune, so catching it in the new year could mean a cup filled with fortune and luck. Bursting with synchronized notes of sweet mandarin oranges and a lively, zesty finish, this beer will have you dancing with the mighty dragon’s spirit.

3. Guavaland

This sour beer is brewed with guava fruit and has a balance of sour and sweet flavors. Guavaland is perfect for summer days and barbecues.

4. Dil Se Re

This is a sour double IPA with lychees, lactose, and oats that is light and tart. It has a fruity sour flavor with an unexpectedly smooth finish.


Ales are types of beer that are fermented at warmer temperatures, typically around 62-72 degrees Fahrenheit. This warmer fermentation temperature results in a more robust flavor profile than lagers, which are fermented at cooler temperatures.

1. You Betcha Boots (Pink Boots 2020)

In honor of National Women’s Day, a female-led team brewed You Betcha Boots, a classic American Pale Ale with citrusy notes and a dry finish. For every pint sold, $1 will be donated to the Pink Boots Society, which helps female beer professionals advance their careers through education.

2. Yonder

We’ve all felt it before, the urge to push the mundane aside and get up and go. Whether a bike ride down a new trail or a plane ride to a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting adventure awaits just beyond in that indiscernible direction. Well, this ale is precisely for those people.

3. Wee Sip

The warm, golden glow of this deep gold Scottish strong ale beckons you to take a new adventure. Toffee and a touch of earthiness help to tease the senses. The brew has malty-sweet notes of caramel, toasted graham crackers, and dried fruit that blend evenly across the tongue. It is both smooth and comforting in taste. This beer is ideal for a modest sip or two.


A stout is a type of beer that is brewed with roasted malt or barley. The malt gives the beer a chocolate or coffee flavor.

1. Velvet Moon

This milk is stout with cocoa nibs and a blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Ethiopian cold brew coffee beans from Atomic Coffee Roasters. The beer is chocolatey and roast with a velvet texture and creamy finish that may be pretty sickly for some but perfect for those with a little bit of a sweet tooth

2. Cookies and Cream

Do you love cookies and cream? Well, Mighty Squirrel has taken this classic dessert to new heights with their next Indulge beer series installment. Cookie Monster would approve of this instant crowd pleaser.

3. French Macaron

The Indulge Series French Macaron has a toasty shredded almond, coconut, moist brownie, cookie-crumb crust and a hint of vanilla that makes it truly unforgettable.

4. Peanut Butter

A liquid peanut butter cup in a can is a luscious, silky-smooth, creamy stout with enticing sweet aromas of toasted buttery peanuts and exploding with rich chocolate and peanut butter cup nuances.

5. Tiramisu

On the nose, there’s a combination of whipped cream, vanilla, and cocoa. Then a deluge on the tongue with a fluffy delicious bite of ladyfingers softened with a liqueur-spiked espresso conclusion. You aren’t hallucinating.

Mighty Squirrel Food Truck and Oktoberfest

Mighty Squirrel Brewery also operates a food truck that serves up some of the most delicious snacks and meals you will ever taste. From pulled pork sandwiches to mac and cheese, the Mighty Squirrel food truck has something for everyone.

Mighty Squirrel food truck
Mighty Squirrel has different food trucks next to its brewery

And the best part is that you can enjoy your meal right at the brewery while you sample some of the latest and most incredible beers Mighty Squirrel offers.

Mighty Squirrel Brewery’s Oktoberfest is an annual event in October. Every year they have multiple dates with different festivities. There is live music, great food, fun games, and of course, plenty of beer.