Nested Bean

Nested Bean is a company that provides baby products such as swaddles, nappies, and grow wear. Their story began when the founders struggled to get their firstborn to sleep at night without their help.

After looking online to find something that would fix their problem, they found no reasonable solutions, so instead of living through the nights of terror, they decided to fill that gap in the market.

Now they have gone on to create more products that parents of newborns will love, building themselves an empire in their niche. With a focus on quality and customer service, it’s no wonder that Nested Bean is one of the most popular brands in their field.

Is Nested Bean Safe For My Child?

Almost all of Nested Bean’s products have been deemed “safe.” These “safe” products are when we refer to things like baby grows or reusable nappies – the worst-case scenario is that a baby might get a little rash if they have a terrible reaction to the materials.

Nested Bean safety
Does your newborn struggle to sleep at night?

But when it comes to Nested Bean Sacks (their swaddle product), there has been plenty of eyebrows raised over the years due to Nested Bean Sleep Sack safety for infants.

It is known already that Swaddling can be pretty dangerous, especially if you swaddle a child who is beginning to roll over; the pressure on their tummy, if they successfully roll over, can cause severe harm or even SIDS.

What is a Nested Bean Sack?

A Nested Bean Sack is a wearable blanket to help babies sleep better. The sack contains a weight of 1 to 5 ounces, which is meant to mimic the embrace of a parent. The weight helps the baby sleep by providing a sense of security and comfort.

This product provides a different way to swaddle your baby as they can move much more freely once they are within the sack.

How to Use Nested Bean Swaddle Safely

If you are going to use a Nested Bean Sack, you must do so safely. Swaddling can be dangerous, especially if the baby can roll over. If you are using a nested bean sack, make sure that the baby is not able to roll over by:

  • Placing the nested bean sack on a firm surface
  • Tucking the baby in snugly
  • Checking on the baby often

If you are unsure about how to swaddle your baby safely, it is best to consult with a doctor or other medical professional.

Are There any Safety Risks Found With the Nested Bean Sack?

Let’s outline what we do and don’t already know about weighted garments like the Nested Bean Sack.

Before we cover the safety risks, Nested Bean Sack or any other product from this retailer has never been responsible for infant deaths, nor have there ever been any product recalls.

How Weighted Products Like the Nested Bean Sack/Zen Work

The thinking behind weighted products is that they provide a sense of comfort and security to the wearer by mimicking the gentle pressure of a parent’s touch. The theory is that this pressure can help relax the nervous system, leading to better sleep.

There is some research to support this idea. For example, one small study found that children with autism spectrum disorder who wore weighted vests during the day had fewer tantrums, were more likely to follow directions, and slept better at night.

Another small study looked at the effect of a weighted blanket on sleep in people with insomnia and found that participants reported feeling less anxious and more rested after using the blanket for two weeks.

However, it’s important to note that these studies are small and more research is needed to confirm the benefits of weighted products.

Additionally, there are no safety regulations for these products in the United States regarding the maximum or minimum weight amounts, despite the AAP being updated in recent months; Check out the Nested Bean AAP breakdown on their website.

So it’s important to use caution and consult with a doctor before using them, especially with children.

Can These Same Products Increase Your Baby’s Risk of SIDS?

There is no evidence that weighted products like the Nested Bean Sack increase the risk of SIDS.

Although there has been some research on the general idea of swaddling your children, and research shows that doing so will NOT increase the risk of SIDS in newborns.

Is It Safe for Babies Who Can Roll?

The Nested Bean sleep sack is likely of interest to you as your baby has begun rolling, making it no longer safe to swaddle. According to the Nested Bean website, their weighted sleep sack is still “perfectly safe” for babies who roll due to the light and flexible nature of the weight.

Additionally, there are currently no Nested Bean deaths or serious injuries associated with using their products or products like theirs. This could be seen as a good sign, but the sad reality is that investigations into infants’ deaths are sometimes not held out extensively enough to figure out whether or not products like these can cause harm.

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It’s worth noting, however, that national health statistics consider the immediate cause of death (asphyxia) rather than the underlying reason of death (the baby was sleeping beneath a weighted garment). This may indicate that we aren’t seeing the whole picture.

What’s the Verdict?

Because research is limited, although anecdotal evidence (along with countless positive Nested Bean reviews) is that thousands upon thousands of infants have used products like these to send them off to sleep, we would advise using your own judgment as to whether or not products like these could be beneficial to you and your newborn.

Dreamland Baby vs Nested Bean

If you’re looking for a weighted product for your baby, there are many options on the market. Here, we’ll compare two of the most popular brands: Dreamland Baby and Nested Bean.

Both companies make similar products: sleep sacks and blankets filled with beads or other materials to add weight. However, there are some key differences between the two brands.

Nested Bean products are lightweight and breathable, with the weight evenly distributed throughout. The company also offers a “stage 2” sleep sack for older babies who have begun rolling over.

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Dreamland Baby products are made with a cotton outer layer and a fill of either glass beads or poly pellets. The company offers several different sizes and weights for its products.

So, which is the better choice for you and your baby?

There is no clear answer, as both brands have positive reviews and satisfied customers. Ultimately, it may come down to personal preference or what you feel is best for your child.

What is TOG?

Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) is a rating system used to measure the insulation performance of clothing. The TOG rating is a measure of the thermal resistance of a material or garment. The higher the TOG rating, the more heat resistant the material or garment is. The TOG rating system was developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

The TOG rating is expressed in units of 0.1 m^2·K/W (square meters times Kelvin per Watt). For example, a material with a TOG rating of 3.5 has a thermal resistance of 3.5 m^2·K/W.

TOG ratings are often used to compare the insulation performance of different materials or garments. Generally, the higher the TOG rating, the better the insulation performance. However, it is essential to note that the TOG rating is only one factor when comparing the insulation performance of different materials or garments.

Other factors, such as air permeability, water vapor permeability, and thermal conductivity, can also affect the insulation performance of a fabric or garment.

The TOG rating system is used to measure the insulation performance of clothing, but it can also be used to measure the insulation performance of other materials, such as sleeping bags, tents, and of course, in Nested Bean’s case, their baby products.

What are Nested Bean TOG ratings?

Nested Bean has TOG ratings for its products that range from 0.2 to 4.0. The lower the rating, the less insulation the product provides. The higher the rating, the more insulation the product offers.

Nested Bean’s TOG ratings are based on lab testing of the products in a controlled environment. Therefore, the ratings are not meant to be used as a definitive measure of how well a product will perform in all situations. Still, they provide a good indication of the level of insulation a product offers.

Nested Bean’s TOG ratings are different on different products because each product is designed to meet the specific needs of its target audience. For example, the Nested Bean Swaddle has a TOG rating of 0.2 because it provides lightweight warmth and comfort for newborns in warm environments.

On the other hand, the Nested Bean Winter has a TOG rating of 2.5 because it is designed to provide heavy-duty thermal insulation for babies in cold environments.