Can-Am Outlander

The Can-Am Outlander is manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). It’s a Canadian company founded in 1942 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier as L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée (Bombardier Snow Car Limited) in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada.

Its headquarters are in the Canadian town of Valcourt, Quebec, BRP also owns manufacturing factories in the United States, Mexico, Austria and Finland.

Can-Am was revived in 1972 when BRP created Can-Am as a motorcycle brand. In February 1998, BRP started making all-terrain vehicles and introduced a prototype of the Traxter. Just one year after production began, it was named “ATV of the Year” by ATV Magazine. These vehicles are designed for riders of all skill levels and age groups. They are also known for their performance and reliability.

List Of Recent Can-Am Outlander Models

There are many different models of Can-Am ATVs. Usually, the available models change each year. However, you might be able to buy second-hand models from past years on marketplaces.

2023 Models

  • Outlander 450/570
  • Outlander

2022 Models

  • Outlander
  • Outlander DPS
  • Outlander XT
  • Outlander Mossy Oak Edition
  • Outlander XT-P
  • Outlander X XC
  • Outlander X MR 650
  • Outlander X MR 850
  • Outlander X MR 1000R
  • Outlander Max DPS
  • Outlander Max XT
  • Outlander Max XT-P
  • Outlander Max Limited
  • Outlander Max 6X6 DPS 650
  • Outlander Max 6X6 XT 1000

There were also multiple models of the Renegade and DS in 2022. For a full list of Can-Am Outlander models currently sold by BRP, check out the official Can-Am website.

Can-Am Outlander 1000

There are multiple Outlander 1000 models. The original 1000 model is quite old but newer ones include the Outlander X MR 1000R. There is also the Outlander 1000R XT-P model.

With the new models of the Outlander 1000, the days of rough rides are history. The suspension redesign which includes extending the width of the suspension to 48 inches has eliminated this problem. Even further, the FOX Podium 1.5 QS3 allows you to adjust the shock to one of three settings.

It is now super easy to go from a “Firm” ride, to a medium ride, or even a plush/soft ride by turning the dial on the shock. This adjustment can be made in as little as 30 seconds. These two changes have greatly improved the ride experience.

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A large rear external storage compartment is available below the rear rack and can hold a large amount of gear. This plethora of internal storage provides space for you to store whatever you need, whether it’s a tire plug kit, a couple of waters or even a spare shirt.

The space for the rider is just perfect. The length and width of the cushy seat, the size of the large floorboards and the width of the hump between your legs just scream perfection. The speed it possesses might overwhelm some, it has a V-twin 976cc 91 horsepower engine. If the need for speed ever overwhelms you, then this vehicle will definitely deliver.

Can-Am Outlander X MR 650

This model is fun and also provides capabilities to justify your reason for buying one. It works both ways, it’s both entertaining and practical. The model has an upper limit of 1,650 pound tow rating. It was mainly manufactured for recreational riding and works excellently in that capacity.

The top speed is above 60 mph but if you use the digital key that’s programmed for what is known as “brother-in-law mode,” you can lower it to 45 mph. But the speed is generally limited by the chassis and the conditions rather than outright horsepower.

The Can-Am Outlander 650 might feel wide and stable but it’s important to remember that you’re riding on Terracross tires that are 26 inches tall. The lowest part of the chassis is 11 inches above the ground, which is great for climbing over a steep banking, but not so great if you find yourself drifting sideways at 30 mph.

The main idea behind the Can-Am Outlander 650 is to provide a vehicle that can play a variety of roles. Load it up if you have work to do, put it in 2WD and hit the throttle if you’re feeling in a playful mood. It serves as a dedicated utility machine, a pure sport model or a high riding mud monster.

Can-Am Outlander 450

There are multiple Can-Am Outlander 450 / 570 models. The summary below describes the 2021 model. Models from the series 2022 and 2023 are even more powerful. For the updated models and exact specs, check the official Can-Am product suite.

This vehicle is a great choice whether you’re looking for help with work on your property or if you just want it to have fun during the weekends. It has a single-cylinder 38 horsepower, liquid cooled and fuel injected engine that delivers the power you want at a price that you’ll. 2021 Outlanders now feature increased stability which gives you the confidence you need to climb hills and navigate through different terrains, no matter how challenging.

It has 10.5 inches of ground clearance and this means you don’t have to worry about damage to the undercarriage when you’re moving through uncharted territory including rocks, sand and mud.

Improved 4WD suspension and enhanced ergonomics allows your ride in the Can-Am Outlander 450 to be more comfortable than ever. With the power to tow up to 1,300 pounds.

The newer models have really improved when it comes to air flow, both into the airbox, CVT and the engine. CVT air intakes were raised much higher in the chassis, allowing us to cross mid-chassis depth water with no fear of belt slippage. The airbox design is now a thing of beauty as well, and with no tools, we can have the air filter popped out for inspection in about 30 seconds.

Can-Am Outlander 570

This version comes with a two-cylinder engine, a power steering, standard performance Carlisle ACT tires on blackaluminum rims, front and rear bumpers, handguards on the handlebars and a factory-installed winch.

It has a twin-cylinder engine which is powered by a Siemens electronic fuel injection system and has been revised bringing its power up to 48 horsepower. The power is transmitted to the wheels via an automatic CVT-type transmission This smooth delivery allows you to feel confident riding it to its limits.

Another factor that contributes to the vehicle’s decent ride comfort is the suspension being independent on all four wheels. The suspension is stiffer than other versions and makes it bounce more when going over bumps but fortunately, it has no unexpected rebound that will surprise the driver.

Can-Am Outlander 1000 XMR

This vehicle has its own unique characteristics and was designed to play in the mud. It contains new elements that allow the vehicle to be almost completely submerged in water or mud. This has been made possible by the very aggressive tire lugs which gives them a lot of traction. The other factor is that the radiator and the engine air intake is on the top of the front hood. This keeps it out of water and maintains its efficiency.

It’s important to note that the XMR is not a trail machine per se and due to its configuration and tires, you should expect to be a little shaken on a trail. Another major plus this version has is its look, everyone can admit that it is definitely a head turner. Two colors are available for 2022, Desert Beige or Liquid Titanium and Red Magma.

Check Can-Am for the newest 2023 line.

How Much is a Can-Am Outlander?

The Can-Am ATVs provide a blend of both affordability, utility and fun. Usually, the price of a new Can-Am Outlander ranges from $7,000 to $16,000.

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This also depends on multiple factors such as the year and specific model. All in all, for the relatively high price you’re paying, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. To wrap up this piece on the Can-Am Outlander, let’s look at a common question owners ask.

And finally, I’ll share 7 great Can-Am Outlander accessories with you that you should check out if you’re an owner of one of the ATVs.

How to Start a Can-Am Outlander Without a Key?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you ever need to start your Can-Am Outlander and you do not have the key, don’t panic. There are a lot of ways you can start it without a key.

You could enable either the pull or kick start, or hot wire it. If you have some tools at your disposal you could jump the starter relay with a wrench or try using a screwdriver. If you’re technically inclined and you think you’re maybe up to it then you could disassemble the ignition and manually trigger it.

Lastly, if you’ve tried all that you can and still haven’t gotten it to start then you could either have a replacement key made or replace the ignition switch.

7 Best Can-Am Outlander Accessories

Regardless of your model, there are a ton of Can-Am Outlander accessories that you can use to improve your ATV.

1. Can-Am Soft Bag Black ($179.99)

If you’re looking for a light-weight way to transport things on your Outlander, you should check out this soft black bag by Can-Am.

Can Am Outlander accessories
Need a soft bag for your Outlander?

The bag has a capacity of 11.8 Gallons with multiple compartments. This means you can carry a lot of gear or anything you want comfortably on the back of your ATV.

2. Can-Am Outlander Storage Box ($66.90)

If you prefer a hard-case storage box that goes in the storage space in the front of your Outlander, you should check out this case by Haka Tough.

Can Am Outlander case
Waterproof hard-box for gear and tools

This will give your gear or whatever you’re planning to transport optimal protection from rain. It’s a waterproof toolbox, which allows you to transport a bunch of stuff even in the roughest terrain and weather conditions.

3. Universal ATV Cover ($39.99)

This universal ATV cover is popular on Amazon and comes with some awesome perks. For one, it’s waterproof which protects your four wheeler optimally from rain and snow.

Can Am Outlander Cover
One of the most popular ATV covers on Amazon

But it also has reflective strips on the outside and anti-UV coating to protect your Outlander from sunlight. The cover comes with an adjustable elastic bottom and quick release strap which means you don’t have to worry about wind blowing away the cover.

4. High-Beam Headlights ($54.79)

If you drive your Outlander frequently at night, you might want to get some high-beam headlights that allow you to see what’s ahead of you even if it’s far away.

Can Am Outlander Headlights
Best headlights for driving at night

These high-beam headlights by GTMOTO allow you to ride your four wheeler more safely in the dark. The strong, high-beam lights make a huge difference in terms of visibility when riding in the dark.

5. Low-Beam Headlights With Halo Ring ($115.90)

Looking for low-beam headlights instead? If you mostly ride during daytime and don’t need high-beam lights for better sight in the dark, these low-beam headlights might be perfect for you.

Low-Beam Headlights
Great low-beam headlights with halo

The lights save energy but are brighter than halogen lights. Lumination reaches up to 2,500 lumens.

6. Can-Am Outlander Air Filter Cleaner ($22.89)

Need to replace the air filter of your Outlander? This air filter replacement works for a majority of Can-Am Outlander models. You can check the product description on Amazon to make sure it fits your exact model.

Air filter replacement
Need to replace your air filter cleaner?

7. Can-Am Outlander Ceramic Brake ($36.79)

If you’re looking for reliable ceramic brakes for the front and rear of your Outlander, check out this pad set by North Ridge Performance.

Ceramic Brakes
High-quality ceramic brakes for your Outlander

It has over one hundred positive reviews and is part of Amazon’s Choice program. These pads will give you better brake bite, brakes won’t fade as quickly and the brakes will make less noise among other benefits.