Cuban Twist Hair

Cuban Twist hair, which can also be referred to as a Havana twist, is a type of hair extension used in protective hairstyles. Since the style emerged, it has increased a lot in popularity.

This protective hairstyle is most commonly worn by those with textured hair. The general purpose of a protective hairstyle is to promote healthier and longer hair by protecting your ends from potential damage.

The ends are actually the most fragile part of your hair. Natural frequent styling, detangling and washing will eventually lead to minimal hair loss. Without a protective style, you will experience additional hair loss. Protective styles can be achieved with either human or synthetic hair.

Like with other protective hairstyles, Cuban Twist can last for 4-6 weeks, depending on how it was installed and how long you feel like wearing it for. The process of removal can vary, but it’s usually best to see a hair stylist for removal. When you remove your Cuban Twist hair and notice shedding, don’t be alarmed since this is perfectly normal.

Cuban Twist is a lightweight protective style regardless of the length you choose. You can wash your hair while using the Cuban Twist hair extension. But try not to wash it too often. This will reduce knots, tangles and excessive breakage when you remove the extensions.

Different Cuban Twist Hair Styles

The variety of looks that can be achieved with Cuban twist hair is one of the factors that makes these extensions very popular. You can decide what style works best for you based on your taste and facial features.

If you aren’t big on length, then you can try a bob style. This Cuban Twist style also works well for school or college. A half-up half-down hairstyle also works well for Cuban Twist hair. For this type of style, you can go with whatever length you’re comfortable with but generally speaking longer hair works better for this style.

You could also opt for jumbo twists for a more exotic Cuban twist hair style. You don’t have to worry about how heavy the jumbo twists are since the Cuban twist hair extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Cuban Twist hairstyle
Which Cuban Twist hairstyle is best for you?

If you’re open to something more experimental, you can accessorize your Cuban twist with different shapes and colors of beads to make whatever style you choose pop out and turn heads. Another exciting style you could try is adding cornrows, either just on the side or covering up the entire front of your hair.

Looking for Cuban Hair Twists for Faux Locs?

Faux locs are a type of protective style meant to resemble ral dreadlocks. The hair is wrapped tightly around braids or twists in a downward motion to resemble real locs.

Cuban hair is one of the best options when it comes to faux locs, they are more lightweight and arguably have the most natural look. It’s also best to choose a type of hair that matches your hair texture.

How to Install Cuban Twist Hair

There are different techniques to install cuban hair twists and whichever one you decide on will ultimately depend on how much time you have and how much you are willing to pay to get it done.

The traditional invisible method takes a long time and can be uncomfortable for your stylist because she would have to work with her fingers. So you should expect this method to cost $200 and above.

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The rubberband method is less demanding and will not take as much time so it could be cheaper to get this done. The fastest method is the crochet method and can be completed in under two hours. And if you take good care of it while it is installed, you can always reuse the extensions.

Make sure to let your stylist know if your hair is being installed too tightly as this can affect your hair in the long run and cause breakage. Don’t forget to soothe any irritations you might have with gel or oil to protect your hair.

Cuban Twist Hair vs Marley Hair

As the name implies, Cuban twist hair originates from Cuba, but more specifically from its capital Havana. For this reason it can be called Cuban or Havana twist. How does it differ from other types of twist hairstyles?

Bob Marley by Eddie Mallin

It is usually more coarse in texture and thicker in size than other hairstyles. Marley hair is usually heavier than the lightweight Cuban twist hair. Marley hair, as the name implies, originates from reggae legend Bob Marley’s signature locks.

The sectioning when it comes to Marley twists is usually thinner and another difference is that Cuban Twist Hair is usually a little bit more expensive than Marley hair.

How Much Is a Pack of Cuban Twist Hair and How Many Packs Do You Need?

A pack of Cuban twist hair usually sells at $13 per pack and the number of packs you would need depends on the style and volume you decide on.

But on average, 5-7 packs will be used. To be sure of the right amount you’d need it’s best to talk to your stylist about the style and volume and she can advise you on the right number of packs. This way you can avoid buying too much or too little.

Most of my top picks above come in packs of 3, 6, 9 and 12. For most people a pack of 6 or 9 will be what they need.

What Kind of Hair Do You Use for Havana Twists?

These days, because of how affordable they are, most people use Kanekalon hair for their Hava twists. But the original Havana hairstyles were always done with hair extensions that had a kinky texture.

Can You Dip Cuban Twist Hair in Hot Water?

After installation, you can choose whether to dip your Cuban twists in hot water or not. This will give the hair a bouncier and more defined curl. It’s best to use boiling water, so you’d have to be extra careful.

You can use a mug or pot and remember to not leave it in longer than 15 seconds. If you notice the water becoming murky, then you can remove the hair and stop.

Whatever Cuban Twist hair style you decide on, you’ll find plenty of high-quality hair extensions on Amazon. Whether it’s long or short hair, blonde or ombre, here are my favorite 6 picks from Amazon.

6 Best Cuban Twist Hair Extensions on Amazon in 2022

Cuban Twist Hair 16 Inch Synthetic Double-Strand Style ($28.27)

These wildly-popular 16 inch Cuban Twist extensions come in packs of three, six, nine or twelve. They have well over 1,000 reviews on Amazon and most of the customer feedback is positive.

Cuban Twist Hair 16 Inch

The extensions look natural, and are made of high-quality synthetic hair in double-strand style. You can choose from 17 different colors and styles to achieve your look.

Slightly Longer 24 Inch Synthetic Double-Strand Style ($45.99)

If you’re looking for slightly longer Cuban Twist hair extensions, you can go with the 24 inch length. For certain looks, like half-up half-down styles, you should generally pick longer extensions.

Cuban Twist Hair 24 Inch

These extensions by FreeTress come in packs of three, six, nine and twelve.

Blonde 16 Inch Extensions ($35.99)

If you’re looking for a blonde Cuban hairstyle, you can check out these extensions. It’s from the FreeTress brand as well, which is one of the most popular Cuban Twist extensions on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews.

Cuban Twist Hair Blonde

There are other brands offering blonde styles as well but some of them have rather bad reviews. The FreeTress brand seems to be one of the best choices online.

If you want 24 inch blonde extensions you can also go with this option by Ms.Priceless. But keep in mind that the reviews aren’t as good as for the FreeTress brand.

I recommend getting the 16 inch one by FreeTress

Cuban Twist Ombre Extensions To Choose From ($39.99)

Looking for the special, darkish ombre look that’s blond towards the end? FreeTress has 17 colors to pick from and several ones could be considered ombre. Since it’s the brand with the most positive reviews, I recommend you first look if any of the colors suit you.

Cuban Twist Ombre

If you’re looking for 18 inch or 24 inch Cuban Twist hair in the ombre style you can also go with the Forevery brand.

But as you’ve probably guessed, FreeTress is my preferred pick.

Cuban Twist Hair 12 Inch ($20.53)

Looking for shorter extensions? If you don’t fancy the common 16 inch length, and prefer even shorter hair, you can go with these 12 inch extensions by FreeTress.

12 Inch Extensions

Reviews are generally positive and the hair looks natural.

Best Long 30 Inch Extensions ($20.53)

If on the flipside you prefer very long extensions, you can go with the 30 inch size. As always, they’re from the FreeTress brand with great reviews. The extensions look natural, are lightweight and easy to install.

30 Inch Extensions

These 30 inch extensions come in packs of 3 or 6. They’re perfect for certain hairstyles and looks that require longer hair.