Venus Orb Ring

The Venus Orb ring is a new trendy ring that glows in the dark. The ring consists of a blend of resin and phosphorus powder. This creates a colorful glowing effect after the ring has been exposed to a light source.

According to the sellers of the ring, the glow remains active for up to 4-6 hours after being exposed to light. Sunlight, lamps and even the flashlight from a smartphone can “charge” the ring.

But where can you get the trendy Venus Orb Ring? What are they made of and how long do they last? In this article we’ll dive deep and give you a full Venus Orb ring review. We’ll take a closer look at the glowing ring to see if it lives up to the hype.

Venus Orb Ring Review

There are hundreds of Venus Orb Ring reviews and ratings on Amazon. Different merchants sell the ring. As we browsed through the reviews and took a closer look at the ring, we discovered a couple things that buyers should be aware of.

First of all, the glow doesn’t seem to stay as long as advertised. claims that the glow remains active for up to 4-6 hours. However, some customers that purchased the Venus Orb ring reported that the glow doesn’t last very long.

However, some others have reported the glow can last an entire night if the ring is charged all day long in sunlight or another strong light source. This shows that the glow really depends on the quality and length of light exposure.

Some complaints include that the ring is a bit thick and often too small to wear comfortably. When purchasing the ring, you should order it around half a size bigger than your regular ring size.

In general, you should expect more of a play ring than a premium and high-quality ring. The Venus Orb ring is cute and fun but you shouldn’t set your expectations too high.

If you’re looking for a fun run as a gift to a child, or a matching glowing ring for your date, the Venus Orb ring is great. If you’re looking for a glowing premium ring, something with a spiritual feel to it, you should go with another brand.

We’ll show you where you can buy the Venus Orb ring as well as other, more premium glowing rings in this article.

Venus Orb Ring in Red & Purple

The ring comes in five available colors: Blue, red, yellow, green and purple. Red and purple seem to be the two most popular colors. This is understandable. The Venus Orb ring in red and purple can provide a particularly awesome glow in the dark.

If you’re after that mystical and magical glow, we recommend getting your ring in these colors. Red and purple are brighter colors, which can amplify the glow in the dark.

For men, consider a blue or green ring. You can also ask yourself or the person you’re giving the ring as a gift what their favorite color is.

Venus Orb Necklace

If you’re less of a ring person, you might prefer a glowing pendant necklace instead. The Venus Orb Necklace “Crystal Moonstone” might be a good option for you.

The Venus Orb necklace comes in three colors: Aqua blue, deep blue and green.

Just like the rings, the necklace needs to be exposed to a strong light source such as sunlight to glow in the dark. The longer and stronger the light exposure, the stronger and longer the glow will last.

Venus Orb Ring Size Chart

Many people have reported that the ring size is too small. You shouldn’t rely on your usual ring size when ordering the ring. Some sources recommend ordering the ring about half a size larger than your usual ring size.

There are several reasons for this. In general, the ring is a bit thicker than usual. This means, if you order the ring in your usual size it might be hard to put it on and take it off.

The rings are also manufactured in Asia where ring sizes are slightly different than in Europe and North America.

Here’s a Venus Orb ring size chart directly from the manufacturer:

Size Chart

Size: 6

Diameter (mm): 16.5

Circumference (mm): 52

Size: 7

Diameter (mm): 17.3

Circumference (mm): 54.5

Size: 8

Diameter (mm): 18.2

Circumference (mm): 57.2

Size: 9

Diameter (mm) :19

Circumference (mm): 59.8

Size: 10

Diameter (mm): 19.8

Circumference (mm): 62.2

Size: 11

Diameter (mm): 20.6

Circumference (mm): 64

If you’re unsure of the size in inches, you can use a millimeter to inches calculator like this one here to calculate your ideal ring size.

Measure your finger size and then order the size that is closest to your actual size. As mentioned earlier, it’s probably best to go with a slightly bigger size if in doubt.

Venus Orb Ring Price Comparison

The ring is available in multiple places including the website, several other online vendors, Amazon and the manufacturer overseas.

On the ring sells for $24.99. On Amazon you can buy the rings for as little as $8.99.

Venus Orb Ring from Liu Jun Store ($8.99)

Venus orb ring

You can buy the ring in all available colors on Amazon by clicking on the button below.

If you go to the Wholesaler’s website on Alibaba or Aliexpress you can even get the ring for $1.79-$3 a piece. When ordering from you’re buying from a third party vendor that marks up the price.

This business model, known as drop shipping is popular. It can be compared to flipping, or in other words buying and reselling products. Some people do this by going to garage sales or Gimme A $5 stores to buy cheap items and resell them on Amazon or eBay.

The same is the case with other retailers that offer the ring online. The actual ring itself can be purchased directly from the Chinese supplier via Aliexpress for very cheap.

Luminous Resin Ring ($1.79)

Venus orb ring red

This is the same or a similar luminous ring that can be purchased directly from the wholesaler. Alibaba and Aliexpress are popular websites where products can be ordered directly from manufacturers in China. and other sites that sell the ring are drop shipping or white label resale stores. This means, they pick the best wholesaler, look for the fastest shipping times and perform quality control. They also create better product shots, provide a better shopping experience and have English-speaking customer support.

This justifies the higher price on other sites and there is nothing inherently wrong with reselling, drop shipping or white labelling products.

When ordering directly from a factory in China you don’t get all of that. You have to do your own research, quality control and deal with factory employees in case a customer support issue arises.

This is where drop shipping businesses come in. They also markup the prices in order to be able to advertise the products in English-speaking countries through paid channels.

If you’re looking to get the cheapest price possible, you can order the ring directly on Aliexpress. It’s called “Luminous Glow Ring” or “Luminous Resin Ring”. As mentioned already, you can get it for just a few dollars at wholesale price.

On the other hand, if you prefer having a better shopping experience and want to order from a company with English-speaking customer support, you can get the ring on

Looking For an Alternative?

The Venus Orb ring is rated as four stars on average on Amazon. Most of the negative reviews come from people complaining that the ring size is too small, the glow isn’t as strong as they hoped or the quality is generally cheaper than expected.

This is partially due to the fact that it is more of a play ring than a premium ring. It is definitely not hand-made. It is mass-produced in factories in China but that’s the case for a majority of products today.

If you want a fun and playful ring that glows in the dark, ordering the ring from anywhere between $2-$4 wholesale or $10-$25 retail is perfectly fine.

Order it from a retailer like or on Amazon for better customer support and overall purchasing experience, or from Aliexpress if you want the wholesale price and don’t mind interacting directly with Chinese wholesalers.

If you want a spiritual, magical and high-quality glowing ring with a premium feel, there are several alternatives.

2 Best Luminous Rings That Glow In The Dark

1. Core Carbon Ring ($79.95)

This ring is slightly more expensive but very high quality.

If you’re looking for a luminous ring with a premium finish and feeling, rather than a “play ring”, go with the Core Carbon Ring.

The blue and purple colors remind of a far away galaxy and glow in the dark. The ring sizing is based on US sizing, which means it’ll be easy to find a ring that fits you well.

Venus orb ring alternative

According to the seller, proprietary NASA technology is used and each ring is hand-crafted in Florida and unique. This means, you won’t be dealing with mass-produced factory rings from China that might use low-quality material.

The ring can be recharged for 10 years and comes with a special light to charge the ring. There is a full satisfaction guarantee. And the manufacturer uses a non-toxic strontium alluminate for the glowing effect.

Suited for both men and women.

2. Chuoka Miracle Moon Ring ($23.99)

If you’re looking for a more traditional and spiritual-looking ring, try this moon ring. The transparent part of the ring glows in the dark after being exposed to light.

Miracle moon ring

This model is specifically for females and has a mystic touch. While not as unique and special as the Core Carbon Ring, the finish and look are more premium. The ring contains sterling silver.

Most of the other luminous rings we researched could also be found on Aliexpress, which means they aren’t as high-quality since they are mass-produced for very cheap in China.


If you’re looking for a luminous play ring, the Venus Orb ring is perfect. You can get it on, on Amazon from LIU JUN store or directly from a wholesaler on Aliexpress here.

If you’re looking for a more unique and high-quality ring with premium finish, our top pick is the Core Carbon Ring. It’s a bit more expensive but is truly hand-crafted, made in the USA and each piece is unique.

It also comes with a special light to charge the ring and it’ll make it feel like you are carrying entire Universes and galaxies directly on your ring finger.

If you’re looking for something more female, spiritual and mystical, go with the Miracle Moon Ring.