Gimme A $5

Gimme a $5 was created with one goal in mind: to provide shoppers with amazing deals on products they really wanted. By making shopping like a treasure hunt, they hoped to make it fun and exciting again. Shoppers could come across big ticket items at any moment, and they’d never pay more than $5 per item.

Since its launch, Gimme a $5 has been a huge success. They’ve helped people save money on everything from clothes to electronics. If you’re looking for a great deal, Gimme 5 is the place to go.

How Does Gimme A $5 Work?

Gimme a $5 works by partnering with brands and retailers to get deeply discounted items, typically the stock they are buying may be ‘damaged’. This could be something like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle missing, or perhaps there is a slight scratch on a brand new iPhone 14.

One of the reasons why it’s such a success is because they buy in bulk, so they could get 100 items for $100, which can very easily bring them a tidy profit once their shoppers have been on their ‘treasure hunt’ to find the items they like the most.

If you’re still struggling to understand just imagine what a Black Friday sale looks like at your favorite store; it’s absolute chaos. People arguing, barging into one another, and snagging each other’s items all so they can get a good deal.

There are queues at GA5 (everyone has to usually go around clockwise or anti-clockwise, and you can’t leave your queue) but this can soon fall apart when people realize there might be a pallet of electronics up for snags further down the line.

The Discount Store’s Business Model: Understanding The “Liquidation Business”

Gimme a $5 is a for-profit company, and they do make a profit from selling the items in their store. However, their goal seems to be to provide shoppers with great deals, not just to make as much money as possible.

As mentioned before, they can easily do this as they buy lots and lots of items in bulk, so the items that they are buying already are discounted, and even more so because they are buying so many of them at any time. Furthermore, the store buys unwanted items from companies like Amazon in bulk.

Gimme a $5 is in the "liquidation business"
Gimme A $5 is in the “liquidation business”

These are items with minor defects or packaging problems that can’t be sold on Amazon. In other words, Gimme A $5 is in the “liquidation business”.

They also make money from things like memberships and flat entry fees to help make their margins with their store much better.

Gimme A $5 Locations: Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia

Gimme a $5 have locations scattered across Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia in the US.

Here is a quick list of Gimme A $5 Locations if you’re trying to find one near you so you can find some treasures for yourself:

  • Clarksville, TN – 1483 Madison St, Clarksville, TN 37040
  • Dickson, TN – 207 Dickson Plaza Dr, Dickson, TN 37055
  • Lebanon, TN – 321 N Cumberland St, Lebanon, TN 37087
  • Madison, TN – 1152 Gallatin Pike S, Madison, TN 37115
  • Jackson, TN – 53 Carriage House Dr, Jackson, TN 38305
  • Pulaski, TN – 810 W College St, Pulaski, TN 38478
  • Owensboro, KY – 3028 KY-144, Owensboro, KY 42303
  • Louisville, KY – 3417A Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40220
  • Vonore, TN – 1255 Hwy. 411 Suite 11, Vonore, TN 37885
  • Cookeville, TN – 400 Dubois Road, Cookeville, TN 38501
  • Dalton, GA – 880 Walnut Square Boulevard, Dalton, GA 30721
  • Louisville, KY – Southland Terrace, 3955 7th Street Road Louisville, KY 40216

Some people wonder if Gimme A $5 has a location in Texas, but this currently doesn’t seem to be the case. If you want to stay up to date with the store’s locations, you can visit their website and navigate to the locations section.

Similar Stores Like Gimme A $5

There are a few other stores like Gimme a $5, but not many. The two that come to mind the most would be ‘Ollie’s Bargain Outlet‘ and ‘Big Lots‘.

Both of these stores have very similar goals to Gimme a $5, which is to provide shoppers with amazing deals on products that they might want. However, the main difference is that Gimme a $5 only sells items for $5 or less, whereas Ollie’s and Big Lots do not have such a strict rule.

Gimme a $5 is like Black Friday on steorids
Want to know what it feels like? Think Black Friday but on steroids.

Other than that, the stores are all very similar in terms of their products, pricing, and overall goal. So if you’re looking for a store like Gimme a $5, then either of those two would be a good place to start.

Can You Buy Items in Bulk Yourself?

Your only other option outside of going to a Gimme A $5 if you’re looking for cheap items is that you can actually buy these same items in bulk yourself.

Amazon runs a service where you can buy a bunch of random items that have been stuck to a pallet; all of these items have some form of defect, so they can no longer be sold on Amazon’s marketplace.

It can be as simple as damaged packaging or a completely broken item, whatever the case may be, you may get lucky (or unlucky) just as you would if you were to go to a Gimme A $5 store.

Gimme A $5 Owner

The person who owns and runs Gimme a $5 is called Adam Harrington. He started the company back in 2012 with the goal of providing shoppers with amazing deals on products that they might want. Providing that same feeling that you get when shopping on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, except every week.

Gimme A $5 Super Restock

A Gimme a $5 Super Restock is when the store gets a huge shipment of new inventory, usually at least 10x the normal amount. This is an event that happens every so often and it’s a great time to visit the store if you’re looking for some good deals.

This will more than likely happen on the weekend, as this is when they typically have a normal restock. This is something you’d have to keep your eye out for too, so you should definitely check the GA5 website periodically if you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the next time they have a super restock.

The Rewards Program

GA5 have a rewards/membership program that gives you access to exclusive sales and discounts, as well as giving you points that can be used for even more purchases at their treasure hunts.

The monthly membership is only $5, and you get 200 points added to your loyalty account- that’s enough for two free items at GA5 or GA5Clothing! VIP members also have access to special promotions and deals- it’s the best program around if you love their treasure hunts so much.

Golden Ticket

A golden ticket allows you to skip right to the front of the line on re-stock day, so can be the first one to see and grab items you think are a bargain. You can win one of these golden tickets by sharing a photo of your shopping experience with the hashtag #GA5Finds on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win.

Early Shopper Passport

An early shopper passport allows you to shop privately for 15 minutes before everyone else is allowed into the store on a restock day.

Just like you would need to win a Golden Ticket, you can win an early shopper passport by sharing a photo of your shopping experience with the hashtag #GA5Finds on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win.

The membership itself is free to sign up for, so it’s definitely worth doing if you’re planning

talk about golden ticket and passport too

Can People That Go ‘Treasure Hunting’ Make a Profit?

The answer to this one is that they ‘can’ make a profit. These events attract one of two people: people who are there just to have some fun, because the treasure hunt is very gimmicky if you’ve never done anything like it before, and people who are ‘flippers’ who take it all very seriously.

There are people (flippers) who make a living from going to places like Gimme a $5 and then selling the items they find for a profit on sites like eBay, so it very much can be done if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Flipping and reselling are popular side hustles. Other popular ways people make money is with drop shipping, such as could recently be seen with the Venus Orb ring.

Can you make money with Gimme a $5?
‘Flippers’ like to get items at garage sales and stores like Gimme a $5 to resell them more expensive on eBay, Amazon and other places

However, we should say that it’s not always easy to make a profit, and you could end up spending more money than you make if you’re not careful.

This is because it could take you months upon months to shift an item you bought at one of these events, even years in some cases. Because of this, it is very hard to get into flipping unless you have a decent-sized sum of money already; and even then you could potentially put that to much better use than gambling on things like electronics or toys that could go out of fashion tomorrow.


Gimme a $5 is an online store that offers amazing deals on products. The store owner, Adam Harrington, started the company with the goal of providing shoppers with amazing deals on products they might want.

At any moment, shoppers could come across big ticket items and they’d never pay more than $5 per item. Gimme a $5 is constantly restocking its inventory and offers members exclusive sales and discounts.