Mommy’s Favorite Things

Mommy’s Favorite Things is a blog created by Heather Suminski, a self-proclaimed “mommypreneur”. The website is a collection of product reviews, giveaways, and other content related to motherhood and parenting.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the website and its content to see what makes it so popular with moms. We’ll also be meeting Heather and learning more about her story.

What Is Mommy’s Favorite Things All About?

The majority of the content on Mommy’s Favorite Things is focused on product reviews. Heather Suminski provides her honest opinion on a wide range of products, from baby gear to beauty products. She also includes detailed information about each product, making it easy for readers to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase it.

In addition to product reviews, Mommy’s Favorite Things also features giveaways and discounts on popular baby and mom products. These giveaways provide an opportunity for readers to win some amazing prizes, while also getting a great deal on products they may be interested in.

Overall, Mommy’s Favorite Things is a great resource for moms who are looking for honest product reviews, helpful parenting tips, and the chance to win some amazing prizes. If you’re a mom who is looking for a one-stop-shop for all things parenting, then Mommy’s Favorite Things is definitely worth checking out.

Who Runs Mommy’s Favorite Things?

Heather is the writer behind Mommy’s Favorite Things. She started blogging in January 2009 as a way to earn extra entries in other giveaways she was already entering. However, in the past 10+ years it has grown into something much more than that.

Once things started to pick up, she began to blog more about her life and then started hosting her own blog reviews and giveaways in September 2009 on this website, which is one of the main reasons she has become so popular. On top of these reviews, she also writes about things she is interested in such as cloth diapering, everything green and much more.

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She even talks about interesting diets she and her family are trying to take up such as going paleo, as well as her ever-growing need to knit things for her young children.

Overall, Heather is more than happy with the success and the direction her blog has traveled in since its inception way back in 2009; feeling that she can never really run out of things to write as she is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mother) to 3 beautiful children; Avery, Emerson, and Liam.

Relatable Parenting Advice

The answer lies in relatability. People connect with other people, not with faceless corporations. When you read a personal blog, you get a sense of the person behind it. You can relate to their experiences, their joys and sorrows, their triumphs and defeats. In short, you feel like you know them.

So as for Heather’s blog, people keep coming back because they know that she is a real person who has real experiences. Heathers blog is popular because it is relatable, and because it provides a sense of community for moms who are looking for support, advice, and friendship.

Who is behind Mommy's Favorite Things

Especially since SAHM are pretty isolated all day, every day, it is important to have an outlet such as this one where you can feel like you are part of something larger; where you can interact with other people who understand what you are going through.

Contrast that with a corporate blog, which is likely to be filled with nothing but marketing jargon and self-promotion. There’s nothing wrong with that per se—after all, that’s what a corporation is supposed to do—but it doesn’t exactly make for compelling reading. As a result, people are simply not as likely to read or share corporate blogs as they are personal ones.

So if you’re wondering why Heather’s blog is so popular, the answer is simple: because it’s relatable, personal, and provides a sense of community for SAHM Moms.

But it doesn’t come down to being personal, Heather has a warm, down-to-earth and often funny approach to writing that makes even the most mundane topics interesting. This, combined with her openness about her life, has led to Mommy’s Favorite Things becoming one of the most popular SAHM Mom blogs on the internet.

How Heather’s Blog Provides a Sense of Community for Moms

One of the best things about Mommy’s Favorite Things is that Heather isn’t afraid to share her own experiences, both good and bad. In fact, she often writes about the tough times she’s had as a mom in order to provide support and advice for other moms who might be going through the same thing.

For example, Heather has written about her experience with mirena IUD, as well as her battle with being discrimated against at work. These are not easy topics to talk about, but by being open and honest about her own struggles, Heather is able to provide support and advice for other moms who might be going through the same thing.

In addition to providing support for other moms, Heather’s blog also provides a sense of community. This is because Heather is very active in the comments section, often taking the time to respond to each and every comment left by her readers.

This interaction creates a sense of community, as readers feel like they are part of a conversation rather than simply reading a one-way blog post. This sense of community is one of the things that keeps people coming back to Mommy’s Favorite Things, and it is one of the things that makes Heather’s blog so popular.

Other Blogs Love Talking About Her Too

Not only is Heather’s blog popular with her readers, but it is also popular with other bloggers. This is because Heather is always willing to help out other bloggers, whether it be through guest posts, interviews, or simply by sharing their content on her social media accounts.

This willingness to help others has led to Mommy’s Favorite Things being mentioned on some of the biggest mom blogs on the internet, including Kellys Thoughts On Things which has over 100,000 page views per month.

The fact that other bloggers love talking about Heather and her blog is a testament to how popular and well-respected Mommy’s Favorite Things is within the blogging community.

These mentions not only help to increase Heather’s blog traffic, but they also help to increase her blog’s credibility. After all, if these big name bloggers are talking about her, then she must be doing something right.

In fact, she has over 160k backlinks from 550 different websites, which is a testament to her popularity and credibility.

What is Mommy’s Favorite Things Most Popular Content?

Mommy’s Favorite Things is most popular for its product reviews and giveaways. Heather provides detailed, honest reviews of products she has used with her own children. She also includes both pros and cons for each product, as well as information on where you can purchase it.

Heathers reviews are so popular because they are so helpful. Parents trust her opinion because they know she isn’t being paid to say nice things about a product, she is simply giving her honest opinion based on her own experience.

Another popular feature of Mommy’s Favorite Things is the giveaways. Heather frequently partners with companies to give away products to her readers. This is a great way for companies to get their products in front of a large, engaged audience, and it’s a great way for readers to try out new products.

Most recently she has documented her travels around the world with her family, and has shared tips and advice for other families planning a trip. This series of posts has been incredibly popular, as Heather’s readers are always looking for ways to save money and make the most of their vacations.


Mommy’s Favorite Things is a mom blog. Heather, the woman behind the blog, is known for her openness and honesty, as well as her willingness to help other bloggers.

The blog features detailed product reviews and giveaways, as well as helpful advice for parents planning a trip. Heather’s content is popular because it is so helpful and relatable, and her readers appreciate her transparency.

If you’re looking for a great mom blog to read, then Mommy’s Favorite Things is definitely worth checking out. You won’t be disappointed!